Illinois Protection Services

Comprehensive Skip Tracing and Background Check Services

Often, it is an urgency to locate an individual or learn more about their background. Many times, an organization has minimal and or outdated resources at their exposal, but it just isn't enough. A more comprehensive and systematic approach is needed to locate a subject’s whereabouts and history. We provide nationwide skip tracing services and background checks for real estate professionals, collection agencies, individuals, and law offices with over a very high success rate. 

     - Judgments and Liens
     - Current and Past Addresses
     - Witnesses in Criminal or Civil Cases
     - Lost Relatives
     - Delinquent Debtors
     - Relatives and Known Associates


$45     Base Skip Trace (Verify Current address)

$65     Advance Skip Trace (Popular option and most efficient with locating an individual)

$100   Comprehensive Skip Trace (Best for hard to reach individuals. including last know addresses and relatives)

If any of the services mentioned above are needed, please contact us at, and we will respond immediately.